Hear Brodies Wife's Story


❌This was sent in by the Mindful Miner❌

Let's talk about the shit you don't wanna talk about...

This has been a really fucking long month. Brodie has been on a roller coaster. Taking the good with the bad.

Mental health is a bitch. It is uncomfortable, it is frustrating, it is a journey into the unknown.

Brodie wanted to make a video for men's mental health month, except it wasn't him talking it would be me. I knew I would cry so I used my unkept eyebrows as the excuse. Reality is the content is the shit we don't want to talk about, my coping mechanism has been focus on the positive, this wouldn't be positive.

Men's mental health month has the right intentions, just as R U OK day. Well for those who don't live with mental health or have family living with it.

In my experience when you support a loved one through mental health you see red flags and unconsciously everyday is mental health awareness.

It's 3am I've already been awake an hour, Brodie is on his first night shift back. Luna is clingy AF. My milk is depleting, she is teething and I am due to get up in 3.5 hours.. wide awake wondering how he is going down the hole. Is he suffering in silence, is it a good shift? I won't know until he emerges and texts me to tell me he's just had breakfast and is off to bed.

So here it is the shit I dont want to talk about...

Standing in the bathroom telling the man I am going to marry, I see through your shit. Sharing examples of his behaviour similar to that of two loved ones who i've been down this road with before. The difference is this time I'm not at a distance and I don't get to check out and disassociate at home. This is going on in our home. I'm living it with him. Our kids know something isn't right. I'm calling it before it escalates.

Bringing awareness to the increasing number of empty Turkey cans being left around our home.

Finding balance between "stop withdrawing from us, turn your fucking phone off" and letting it be.

It is listening to Brodie down play or "forget" important information at the docs with the check in, then telling them my side of what I see going on for him.


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