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I think the last two years to date have been the most unsettling out of them all, from job to job state to state relationship to relationship. I've gone completely away from what I based myself self off personally within my day to day habits and routine and could quite comfortably say it's been the most self destructing 2+ years to date as well, through substance abuse lack of routine which has created or formed an aggressive social anxiety/ self doubt I suppose you could call it. I've gone away from what I use consciously make an effort to do in surrounding myself with family and successful people. Traveling the globe and training looking for areas of improvement within my nutrition and fitness. This isn't a post chasing a like or comment or pat on the back but more so if we cross paths I inform you it's quite oblivious to myself through my behavioral issues and it's something I am from this day onwards working on, because of late it's not who I am. I think to be better, openly bringing things to the surface and conversations around the issue will address the root problem a lot deeply.
So yours truly,

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