Meet Damon

I've spent a lot of time staring out the drivers side window of that four wheel drive.
Through fields of cane grass, the vast and wide open spaces of WA, to the rugged out back of my adopted home state Rolling from site to site, only to spend another lonely night in a single man's quarters, you're only company that cold can in your right hand for weeks, sometimes months on end. A voice on the other end of the phone full of I miss you and sadness, the more you want to be home it seems the time barely passes, you're doing it for a better life for the children, the wife. A life you one day wish you will get to enjoy as well, instead of seeing it all through photos, sitting alone while the tears swell in your eyes....
A miners life on the surface may look shiny and bright, so I thought a shed a light and reveal the true toll on a poor miners soul.
📝Damon Szabo
📷 Mitchell Macdonald-logan

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