Meet Dayne

This is our boy Dayne he has a big heart and loves to work hard . This is what we are about #startthechat
My name is Dayne brown, I’ve been in the mining industry for roughly around 4 years, I started out as a an operator in quarries and found my way into mining when I got approached about taking on a job as a drillers assistant in exploration.
“I know what your thinking, what a stupid decision”
But I did it anyway.
At this time I had a beautiful partner and 2 amazing kids and thought to myself that this was a great change and I could get off my ass and get moving and stop being lazy as this was affecting my time off with my partner and children...

I worked my way from an offsider to a driller within a short period of time due to hard work and dedication to try and become better at my job and not enough blokes willing to have a fair go.

It was about a year into my employment as a driller I started to struggle with a relationship breakdown at home and for a little while I honestly just wanted to disappear... it made my time off very hard because I get my two sons for my whole break which is great but at the same time very hard when you have no time to yourself.
It was even harder because I couldn’t spend the time with my partner that I was building a life for.

I would sit in my room at camp and just question everything about my life and I hit a point where I said this is enough.

From then on i started asking my workmates to come down for a beer or even a chat and I started speaking about what I was struggling with.
This alone turned my life around, a simple chat whenever I was feeling down or thinking about something else is what got me motivated to do better for not only myself but my boys aswell.
I purchased a house and a 4 wheel drive to go and explore our amazing country and now I try not to worry about all of the small stuff I can’t change.

Moral of the story is, we are all fighting our own battles and you never know how far it May go to have a chat with the people around you whether you know them or not.
We are all a team in this industry and we have to look out for one another 🤙🏽

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