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As I reflect on the world of mining, I'll impart some observations.
Crib means smoko.
There is one supervisor but twenty blokes who know better.
Superintendents can be remarkably thick sometimes
It's always the other shifts fault.
A take 5 is only done after the job is finished.
No one has ever read a whole JHA.

The mine site someone worked at previously sounds the most amazing place on earth.
If it's fly out day, you must let everyone know.
Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton have the best ute duo songs.
No one cares what truck you drive.
The camp food has more calories than expected.
Nothing complains more than a digger driver without air-con.
It's harder than you think to spray paint a dingo.

Brake cleaner is the best thing for cleaning your beard.
If it has to be done right do it on nightshift.
Draglines are bloody impressive.
No one actually knows what a geo does.
Everyone is an "operator"
There must be something in welding fumes that means you have to drink 1000 beers every night.

There is a "lot" of pressure stored in a high wall pump line.
You can order a live baby from Mongolia delivered to your front door two years quicker than a starter motor for the ancient forklift
Everyone has some shit going on at home.
If you can't take a joke, go elsewhere.
Knock off beers are the most important meal of the day.
10 before 10 is a thing.

Everyone has a theory on how to pass a drug test.
Driving a dozer on the tip head turns the most chill bloke into someone who wants to shoot up the crib hut with the offending people in it.
If it's not bolted down to 150T+ of concrete, those bolts are welded to chains and electrified, it will be stolen.
Engineers have never seen a spanner.

A 50 cent sensor can stop a multi-million dollar operation yet they refuse to keep it in stock on site
The snake pit of a digger is bloody hot.
A grader drivers job is to make the road as rough as possible and block drains.
Safety glasses are designed to capture the most dust, the most sweat and the most flies.
People watch some random stuff on their phones. Looks like there is a fetish for everything.

Turning the isolator switch on and off is supposed to fix everything from a bulldozer bogged to the snorkel to a faulty internal light bulb.
Surveying is a two-day online course.
Social events are always on while you're away.
Every hydrocarbon spill is 19.5 litres.
No one just does 4 years, makes some money then returns to their previous job.
The altitude of a digger makes people think they are gods.

Not everyone can grasp the concept that water runs downhill.
If someone doesn't want to do something they will do it as per the safe work procedure and it will take so much longer then.
The sound of the two way will enter your dreams.
The only person who doesn't complain about camp food is the guy putting chilli and carrots in his ice cream.
Not talking to someone at home every night makes for a very long day.
The weak point on a Toyota land cruiser is the chassis after launching off a windrow
There is very good reason guns aren't allowed on mine sites.
When working on electrics the general rule of thumb is "in doubt, bridge out." You can always put the smoke back in afterwards.
If you want a job in mining, do what everyone else does and lie on your resume.
Hi-vis is not my colour

So that's it, some of my observations from my time mining. These observations are generalised and not from one particular site. For those that I've worked with stay safe, for those that haven't worked in mining. Sorry, you might never know what "living the dream" feels like.

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