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I've already suffered from depression and have been on medication my whole adult life. At first, I was only on them for 6 months and then able to wean off until the next episode. Over time, I've come to accept that by taking a little white tablet every day enables me to live a "normal" life, so that's what I do. I've gone through so many challenges in my life that I now know when I'm plummeting and to reach out for help. But it's taken a long time to get to this place.
My childhood was ok, my parents favoured my older sister and then this continued when we had our own kids. They treat my sister's kids better than mine. For this reason, I no longer have them in my life and have learnt to accept that my life is better off without them and although I miss having a mum, dad, and sibling, I don't miss them. This is the beginning of my "not being good enough" issues. I'm also in the process of divorce and financial separation from a man I believed was the absolute love of my life. He constantly cheated and lied and kept apologising, so I'd take him back and I did... stupid me but I loved him... we are no longer amicable as I decided that he was not a good person to have in my life. So now I have zero family, not mine, not him or his family. But my life is so much better for it. When we first separated, we still co habituated until I found a house to buy. He constantly was pressuring me daily on the mortgage broker as he was a mate of mine and work was stressful and I hit rock bottom and attempted suicide due to my depression and feelings of not being good enough again. I spent a couple of days in emergency as when I was found I was told I was inches away from death. Then moved into the mental health ward for a week and then home to recover for a month. I did counselling for 6 months after that and continued counselling as needed for the next 2 years on and off.
During my lifetime, I have been through a few health issues along the way. I've had 3 miscarriages, cervical cancer at 23, breast cancer at 38 with 6 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. I had 4 surgeries in one year with the tumours being removed, a chemo port put in then later removed and a full hysterectomy, ovariectomy, tubes and cervix removed. Hello menopause. Can't treat the menopause with HRT as my cancer was hormone positive. Gotta love those tropical moments... Not! I've had DVT twice in my left leg so now on blood thinners permanently. I have an auto immune disease called Scleroderma, which in turn has given me GORD and Raynards. So, I now take enough medication that I now rattle when shaken.
Then to be able to keep my house, I needed a job that enables me to pay my own mortgage and bills but also enables me to have a life and not just live. Hello mining... I already have my MC licence and have driven road trains so moving into the dump trucks was an awesome move to make as I love driving trucks.. however, I was bullied and I put up with it as I needed the income. It's taken me a few mine sites and companies, but I finally have found a job that I love and a crew that is awesome to work with. There have been plenty of times in my mining career that I wanted to chuck it in, but I stood strong and keep going.
I look back in my life and all the achievements I've made along the way and know that I'm a strong woman and I've got this shit! But I also know that as a strong woman that I'm allowed to have down days and I'm allowed to cry and have meltdowns but that doesn't make me weak. It makes me human. Even the strongest can fall over. It's not the fall that defines you, it's how you get back up. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but of true strength and it doesn't matter whether you're a man or woman, we all have feelings and needs so please reach out for the support you need at the time you need it most.

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