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Hey, Dylan 36 from Mackay, Queensland. Born in the mighty Mt Isa, my father has been mining since the early 1980s underground, spent majority of my Childhood in Cobar where he worked Underground at a Gold Mine, then moved to Emerald QLD with the family for him to start underground Coal Mining

I never had an interest in working underground for some reason so I just got a normal job, before meeting my current partner Shantel I completed my coal board medicals, inductions in hopes to get into the mines but as we all know if you know someone in the mines you'll get in and I didn't know anyone.

The father in law got me a crank as a greenie out Goonyella Riverside, it was my first taste of mining, working away from home with a newborn baby, freshly married, I thought I had it all under control, then the big rains in November 2010 come and I got laid off, instant depression, stress, anxiety came which too be honest I wasn't even aware off back then what it was or it affected males.
I eventually found myself a job and did jump a couple mines until I was comfortable, 2011 come around and I lost my best mate right in front of me, little did I know I didn't deal with his loss the right way and it came back to haunt me years later.

Fast forward to 2013 I started at Curragh North with Thiess after a transfer, the 4-hour drive home for days off got too much, I missed my family, I missed out on so much with family activities so the decision to relocate the whole family Blackwater was decided on and it all happened.

It was great being home after every shift to see the family, absolutely loved the home-cooked meals, the cute little notes from the wife, it was absolutely bliss, the kids loved it as soon as I walked in the door.

Then out of nowhere the past come back, not dealing with the loss of my best friend, I was depressed, constantly tired, snapping at my wife, not giving her the attention she deserved as well as the kids, suicidal thoughts come to my mind, I still remembering looking at a tree outside our house and imagining myself hanging myself from that tree, I absolutely lost it, I needed help bad.

I called Beyond Blue that night and talked to someone on the phone who helped calm me down and talked some sense into me.
As men we bottle shit up and don't tell our partners we are all guilty of it and I was so that caused tension with the lack of communication.

I booked myself in to speak to someone which did help I will admit, seen a doctor and went on medication.
Things were starting to look up again well I thought.

Tension crept back up in the house, myself and Shantel were in each other's faces, we didn't appreciate each other as much as we should with the stress, being in each other's faces constantly, the medication wasn't helping either, my relationship with my parents wasn't the best, I shut friends out and just isolated myself.

To save us we made the call to move the family back to Mackay, that was late 2017, it has worked out for the better, time away from Shantel has made myself appreciate and cherish the days off with her, it took time for our kids Jakoby, Blair & Kannon to adjust, especially Kannon as I was home every night when he was a baby.

It's a big adjustment doing the DIDO lifestyle and it isn't for everyone but for myself I have learnt a lot about how the mind works, I have undertaken lessons, listened to multiple audiobooks, podcasts, read books on how to train the mind, how to be Grateful, Empathetic and how to be Mindfulness, positive reinforcement of why I'm making sacrifices for my family help out so much, daily gratitude journals, meditation, exercise, eating and Mindfulness is the key to a healthy mind and mindset.

Learning so much about how the head works has taught me so much and I have a passion to help others, there has been times where management have stood up at work and have little speeches with the crew but it doesn't resonate with them, I can feel it and also see it.
So I always get up and explain my story briefly, I tell them from the heart what I've been through and what I've done, I can see and feel it resonate with the crew and it's a great feeling, having crew members come to me give me hugs, shake my hand or say thanks it gives me goosebumps. I love that feeling that my words and my story can potentially help a fellow work family member, I know what it's like not to have anyone to open up too, it's hard to gain trust to open up, it took me time, tears and panic attacks to open up to two fellow workmates and once I did holy shit it felt awesome knowing that that have someone I can talk too here and was a great feeling to know they are there for me and I'm there for them.

I love that I can pick up on people's energy and body language, it means that they need help, I'm that person who has the courage to ask the questions Are You OK?
They slowly open up with basics and as the conversation goes we dive deeper, I try to relate to what they are feeling, I explain processes I've used that have helped me out, from things like filling your own cup up method to Mediation, gaining someone's trust is important, it's the key to helping someone.
They tell me their darkest stories or issues, most of the time I can relate to stories in my life, help them learn through my mistakes and growth or even if they want to open up and word vomit, I'm always there for people even on days off.

The feeling of knowing that I have helped them gives me an awesome feeling, I am grateful for those who opened up to me, listened to my advice and have implemented practices so they can become a better version of themselves.

I am grateful for my awesome wife Shantel for sticking by my side through the darkest times in my life, being my rock, listening to me, offering so much advice.
To my boys Jakoby, Blair & Kannon you boys are amazing and love you all.

To everyone out there never be scared to ask someone if they are OK and never been scared to talk.


Thanks, @DylanWicks for sharing your stories with us.
Your a true legend and truly amazing.🖤🖤

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