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Hey peeps my name is Greg Aka (Owe), I am a Fitter. I have a beautiful loving Partner and 2 young girl. My eldest is 3 and my youngest is almost 2.
I started in the mines early 2018. I've worked on pretty much every piece of machinery that is in the mines, although mainly blast drills. I have also worked at most mines in the Bowen Basin Mackay coal fields.
From my experience you will always get somebody saying how good you’ve got it working in the mines with the big coin, which mind you, I still don't know where this big coin is that they speak off🤣🤣.
All the good camp food (that makes ya crook half the time) and the flash 4x4 ya got (mind you still paying it off).
What they seem to forget is how you get to the point of having nice things.
It’s the journey of long drives and 7 days to a full month away from ya family, 12-14 hr shifts most swings.
It's the journey that nobody speaks off when you get home.
The journey off missing your kids first steps, riding their first horse, missing their birthdays, saying their first words, having to say goodbye and watching their world crumble as you walk out the door with your bags. Your daughter hiding her favourite unicorn, or packing her clothes in your work bag so you remember her.
Getting 5 minutes down the road and balling ya eyes out.
Its the financial situations causing me and my partner to argue, my partner learning to be more independent and living her own life as we was growing apart.
The feeling of not being involved and missing out.
Watching you partner get so exhausted having to get kids ready, take them to daycare, work the whole day, come home, do lunches, wash clothes and do it all again every day your at work by herself, it breaks you knowing how run down she is.
I’m telling yas we are all in the same boat.
I think about my family every minute of the day and it’s hard, and it gets harder especialy if you have a young family at home or any family for that matter.
I’ve crossed some challenges and been to some dark places in the years I’ve been doing this, to the point i was ready to give up.
Not getting any where and I’m working in the hardest and most dangerous conditions.
It really doesn’t get easier. Being a miner is a tuff gigg.
But I have also learnt things that help really well with being out in the mine life.
Me and my partner call each other when we can. Always end the day with a video chat to the family if you have reception, it’s something that has really been helping me.
I’ve been eating healthy choosing not to drink alcohol during the days on.
I have been going to the gym and doing boxing training, it is a really good outlet and relieves stress.
Also often talk to my work mates and start chatting about our struggles and what works and what doesn’t.
Mainly how to keep our partners happy🤣🤣
There are a lot of people out here that understand what we are going through, don’t be afraid to speak to someone or even ask if they are okay.
The main thing that keeps me going out here is focusing on why I’m here in the first place, I’m making sure my kids and partner are safe and have a roof over their heads and at the same time, getting that dream of having a nice block, nice house and the kids having fun come true .

Don't forget why we are out here!
Start the chat! 🖤
Be heathy!
Be positive!
Be the best you can!
Most of all be safe!
There are loved ones at home waiting and relying on you to come home safe.



Greg ..gud luck in ur Journey of life..
Do everything in moderation and enjoy the day and the moment..
Because Tomorrow is never is everthing


On ya little Brother, you are amazing and strong and very courageous.
You are a good man and your dedication and devotion to your Beautiful girls is a credit to you.
Love your gutz… HARD…


Onya Greg. Keep fighting the good fight brother!

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