Meet Jess and her family


My name is Jess and yep I’m a FIFO wife. Well BIBO! Being a family in the mining industry has both pro’s and cons. I won’t dive into all of them here. Missing out on a bit more then half a year together (others so much more) and lots of important events is tough. Although for me - being sick and also having a sick baby has probably been our biggest struggle of all (it almost always happens when they are away). You count down those days until hubby gets home like a child counts down the days until Christmas. I am one of the lucky ones who has amazing family and friends around who are awesome support and know just how much I love to chat. Talking will always turn a crap or average day into a much better one. Keep busy, keep active and surround yourself with positivity. You miners are legit bloody amazing and the strongest people I know. Keep up the work legends and remember to #STARTTHECHAT.

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