Meet Kurt!

Yeah Kurt Hennig here,
Im 22yrs old; I was a qualified fitter & turner/ boilermaker before I turned 19, been in mining for the last 3 yrs. I just wanted to send this message to really express how amazing you guys are for making this page, not enough guys and girls are speaking up, not enough people are breaking this habitual silence so it’s good to see we’re all coming together to combat this issue.

I certainly know what it feels like, from coming home after a swing to my misses in bed with another man on multiple and several occasions, to dropping everything; friends & family, to move all over QLD to chase work in the coal industry that I love so much.
Work has saved my life, when I had nothing, the guys I worked with pulled me out, when I had no one, I had my team of fitters. So to see a page that supports and encourages these rare breed of individuals certainly makes it easy to back and support such a movement.
Much love guys.
Thanks for your efforts.

We spoke to kurt he was so open he also shared, what helped him get through this very hard time which was his baby girl Sabre, she’s a 2yr old German rottie, he bought her when he had no one, had nothing. Came home to the misses in bed with another man. She saved my life. Just coming home to her everyday would put the biggest smile on his face.

We appreciate you kurt, it's not easy sharing a story. You've had it rough but your killing it now. We appreciate your support!


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