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My story starts as a kid, so it seems after talking to my counselor.

My dad had agoraphobia. I remember him coming home from work early, very depressed not knowing what was wrong with him. He was diagnosed with agoraphobia when I was 24. 24 was the age I first went to the footy with my dad. The first time I had a beer at a bar with my dad. Years later he passed away, 2 weeks before my 40th birthday. I was devastated. A year later I lost my 3rd son at birth. Pretty hard to deal with, but I had to go on. Working FIFO you gotta show up to work. You need to consider your own mortality in a FIFO mine. Every second bloke is trying to get in. While mum was worrying about dad when we were kids, we just didn't see that my brother had worsening OCD.

After my wife and I lost our son, things went downhill at a rapid rate. We didn't talk, we didn't get along. We had two sons and I did my best to provide for my family while working away 8/6 roster. It's hard. You know you have to work on your marriage, but you have to fly out..... Every Thursday. you have to be on the plane. No excuses. I'd get on the plane, my dark glasses on at 6 am.

Sometimes the glasses were so that I could sleep on the way to work, sometimes they were there to hide the tears. After a while, I found out that my wife had a "friend" He stayed over when I was away at work. He never stayed when I was at home. But still, he was just a "friend"... I knew he was more but still, I tried to do the right thing. Eventually, it came out that my now Ex-wife was seeing him. I know, it sounds stupid. All the tough blokes said they knew exactly what they'd do.. f*ck her ... they'd be out, they'd smash him.... they all knew and so did I ..but it still took me 2 years to go. I winged and whined at the blokes at work. but I did nothing. until one day I had enough. I found a rental, I packed and moved out. I'm still going through lawyers to get to a point where I can buy a house again. My nice 20 x 40 shed is gone. My house that I had worked hard to pay off was gone. My 2 old holdens sold. After a few months out renting on my own with my sons, I met a beautiful lady. She showed me love again and I started to rebuild. I'm finding happiness. Wow.. is this what it's supposed to be like. You cant do it on your own. I made the decision to speak to my doctor. I'm taking anti-depressants to help me along. I'm not happy about it but they help. I'm speaking to a counselor. He is helping. And my new partner is amazing. she enables me to be me. She asks for nothing and allows me to do what I love. Life is getting better. With help from sites like Mineset, Gotcha4life, and being mindful I'm coming out on top.. It's been a long road, but finally at 52 I'm me again. and I'm loving and living life. . Do you, be you. Live for the moment. Live in the now. That's all you have. That's all you have control over yesterday causes depression. Tomorrow causes anxiety. Live for today. Enjoy it and be the best you can be. A simple philosophy. Do it. there's nothing else.

Thank you @MarkLance for taking the time out of your day to share with us your intense past. It takes a courageous man to have overcome the events that you experienced. Finally, you found your new partner in life. 🖤🖤🖤


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