Meet Nicol

What a legend, with a positive ending. Thank you so much for sharing.

From moving over from the UK 6 years ago I had the biggest shock of my life when I arrived in the Pilbara for my first swing as a sparky contracting at FMG! 👷🏼‍♀️
45 degree heat, red dirt everywhere and the FLIES!!
As a female sparky, yes I probably did get this opportunity to diversify the work force but nothing makes me more determined to work hard than to actually pull my weight and earn my position properly. I put myself though my HV switching and instrumentation and after a year I got a shirt!
There was a lot of challenges on the way, you miss friends and events in Perth, finding out my ex-partner cheated on me, the isolation and the 12hour days and heat can be so exhausting!
But there can be so many perks, my fifo family💙 new skills and opportunities to be had and for me travelling the world on a flexible roster😍
I’m now at Roy Hill with a better work/ life balance, keeping positive and staying safe☺️

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