Meet Scott

Hey legends my name is scotty and I’m a blast hole driller livin in Kalgoorlie. Working in the mines has its ups and downs and I’ve had plenty. Looking back at it it’s always been the lads and loved ones back at home that have gotten me through it knowing that they are going through the same shit as everyone else . I’ve just learnt to have a laugh and enjoy the moment because sure enough looking back at those bush job in the middle of bum fuck know where are some of my best memories and the mates that i've made along the way. My greatest achievement would definitely be my girlfriend for constantly making me do better and be better. Now that's why me and Tiago have started this crazy idea because we want you all to remember to always #STARTTHECHAT
I will post my tips and tricks in the future of how I have overcome and deal with some of my issues daily.
#miner #fifo #driller #family #mineset #startthechat

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