Meet Scott


So I’ve only been underground for a few years now , but it’s what I love and genuinely what I enjoy .
The long swings keep my mind busy and if my mind is busy I am the happiest person you’ll meet .

I have always struggled with my mental health ,
I come from a broken home and a pretty messed up childhood .

I have always wanted to better myself , and it’s something I constantly work for .
I know what I do for work allows me to live a pretty good life , and that’s what keeps me going .

But there’s one thing that’s been missing , and it’s something to enjoy while I’m on break . I genuinely spend most of my breaks laying in bed .

Until a few months ago , when I rediscovered my love for surfing . Met an amazing women , got the position of a lifetime .

Life was really going well , I was happy .
I had something and someone to look forward to when I get home .

But now that’s gone , as quick as it came and I don’t really know how to feel .

After a 3 week swing of night shifts , I come home to try and repair a fractured relationship . I guess most people would say it was a waste of time . But I don’t think it was , it’s given me the strength I need to not give a F@#! and to finally work on myself .

I suppose I’m reaching out as a promise to myself ,

That I’m going to reach my fitness goals ,
I'm going to keep having a crack at work and I will not stop until I get onto the airleg .
And although I haven’t found it yet , i don’t want a hobby but I want a passion .
This is also a promise to my fellow miners ,

I’m doing this for you .

It’s been a while since I’ve spoken about how I feel , and the Mineset fam has given me the confidence to speak up .
Just writing this message has given me another boost.


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