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Ok here we go...

Let’s play the women in mining card because I legitimately get asked every single time someone asks what I do in the mines if I’m a cleaner or a truck operator. Those are real jobs and they should be commended, but people do know that men are cleaners and truck operators and women can also have trades and work in mining right?

I’ve been in the industry for a while now and the stigma around women being on a mine site still sucks. My mine site is even run by a woman but we still get the remarks we should be at home.

I’m so grateful that the numbers are growing for women in mining and so they should be - our mental health out here sucks exactly the same as mens. We miss our loved ones like the men as well.

I’m a Maintenance Planner and am so damn proud of my knowledge of my machinery. I urge any woman who wants to look into mining or is currently in mining to just ask the question to their supervisor about their next steps or send me a message! ❤️


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