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Hi Mineset team! Below is a little story about myself and a picture of myself.

I'm a wife and mother of 3. I have been a stay-at-home mother while my husband worked away on a few different rosters over the years but now we are both in mining as operators in the Bowen Basin. I have suffered from postnatal depression and had some moments in my life since having my babies where I still have my struggles.

My husband's story is different. He suffers from depression and anxiety. Last year we had a change in our work situations. We had gone from working with each other on the same crew for 3 years and then I lost my job. I was able to get a job but on a similar roster which sometimes lined up and then sometimes, we'd only see each other for a couple of days. When I was on shift we'd miss each other because of being on different shifts and start times were different. We had a couple of other things going on at home and his demons were winning the battle.

The breaking point came at work one day for him. He was on a machine and wanted to end his life. By some miracle, he didn't and instead asked for help. He went to the hospital and spent a couple of days there and then went into a rehab facility. This facility we'd never heard of, we actually would drive past it every single time we went to town and never knew what that building was.

These amazing people (mostly volunteers) helped him in so many ways. They did daily group sessions on many different topics like depression, anxiety, addiction, personal hygiene, how to build a good resume, yoga and meditation, and many more. This was difficult for our kids to understand because Daddy wasn't "hurt or injured" but with the help of the teachers and principal at my kid's school we were able to explain what was going on with Daddy. I wasn't able to put into words what was going on as I had so much weight on my shoulders but was so thankful they were able to help our children.

After spending nearly 4 weeks in there he was ready to come home. His headspace was good and had directions and things were looking good. He worked hard on himself and had taken the steps to better himself. When he went to his return to work meeting with his superintendent and mining manager and without going into details, it didn't go very well. This sadly lead to him being off for another 4 months and starting back at the start and rebuilding and going through everything he learned from the rehab facility. But this time we only had each other and was a much longer process.

I was at work when this happened and how the company I worked for handled the situation was amazing.. I can not fault them at all they were so supportive and caring but also concerned for my husband whom they'd never met

There is so much help available for anyone going through this. Help I never knew about but so thankful we found it. I definitely encourage starting the chat as I 100% believe it could save someone's life.

My husband still fights his demons but he isn't alone, we will fight this battle together and we will make it through.

I have opened up to anyone who asks how we are. I don't want to hide it. I would love for people to do the same. I don't want depression or anxiety to be looked at as something to be ashamed of. This is how humans have always been but it's time we open up and start the chat to make a change.

Thanks, @tui-lee graham for sharing your story with us.
We really appreciate it. 🖤


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