Looking After Yourself

It's important to look after yourself emotionally and physically.



Whether we suffer from mental illness or not, we all have free will, and we need to show a fierce determination to stay on this earth.
For those of us who battle depression, we can also help ourselves and everyone else by opening our minds to other possibilities and by nourishing our brains with love so that we can enter the world of imagination.



Having a regular routine can help depression sufferers feel a sense of purpose and of being in control. A normal routine helps to stay feeling grounded and more positive about life. Following a practice has also helped manage emotional well-being. It keeps you feeling grounded and more optimistic about your future. Developing a daily routine gives purpose and a sense of being in control. It reminds us that we have a reason to go on.


Have a shortlist of family members and friends who are positive and supportive. Include also on your list of people you feel the need to stay in touch with regularly. Commit yourself to call or email them on a schedule that's reasonable for you. Try to reach out to make at least one emotional connection a day, but plan realistically. 


Give yourself a break and do whatever works best for you. It will also help assure that you get enough sleep, eat nutritious and well-balanced meals, physical exercise, and maintain your friendships and interests. Limit the amount of news you watch, unplug from social media for a few hours. This will help reduce anxiety and allow you to focus on more positive activities like finally cleaning out your closet!




Seek support if you're dealing with unresolved specific problems, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction, or other mental health conditions. If you are struggling, reach out and talk to someone. There are many services offering support over the phone or through teleconferencing. Reach out to your local mental health centre, helpline, or 811.


Taking care of yourself is another way to identify when you need more help and seek support. Observe what you're feeling and how you're thinking. Be aware of self-talk. Be mindful if you're experiencing more frequent headaches, tightness in your muscles, lack of sleep, and absent-mindedness.





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