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Getting Help

Your Mental Wellbeing

 When life gets tough, it's normal to feel sad or worried sometimes. So, if you need some help to feel better again and if you're fighting with your mental health, support is available. The assistance and organisations listed below are available to assist. Browse the link to find a support provider that best meets your needs, or talk to your GP or health professional.
A mentally healthy workplace creates a positive working environment that builds individual skills and resilience, reduces workplace risks to mental health problems and supports staff with mental health conditions.

Black Dog Institute - Resources & Support

You can trust mental health resources and support tools, knowing that everything we produce is research-informed and recommended by professionals.

Partners in Mining - Mental Health & Mining Factsheet

This group can help you learn practical tips on supporting someone experiencing problems with their mental health. Find out where and how to access assistance for the person you are supporting.  You can learn about ways to look after yourself too.

This Fifo Life - Strength Comes in Many Forms


Consider how you can utilise your strengths, creating an action plan to help you reach your goals. It can help you stay on track and identify when you're moving forward. You can also look for personal and professional development opportunities to increase your strengths. If you are still having trouble identifying your strengths, click the link.

Tackling The Stigma of Mental Health

Are you struggling? Despite what you may think or whatever circumstances that you are going through. Always remember you are not alone. We all have good and bad days and then days when everything seems a bit too much. No matter who you are, whatever it may be, we are here. It is a very human thing to need the support of others now and then.  Needing help or asking for support does not mean you are weak. 

For More Support


(Depression, Anxiety & Related Disorders)

Call: 1300 224 636


(AGES 5-25)

Call: 1800 551 800

24 hours/7 days


(Crisis Support & Suicide Prevention)

Call: 13 11 14


(Ages 12-25)

Call: 1800 650 890

Phone: 10 pm to 1 am 
Online: 1 pm to 1 am


(Family, Violence Response Centre)

Call: 1800 015 188
(Parents and carers with children from birth to 18)
Call: 13 22 89
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