A simple conversation can change a life. Here are a few helpful conversation starters to break the ice around a loved ones’ mental health.

‘How are you going?

What’s been happening?’ 

You don’t seem yourself, how are you feeling?’

‘I’m not sure if anything is wrong, but you haven’t seemed yourself lately.’ 

Things have been rough lately, are you travelling ok?’

‘You have a lot going on, how are you managing?

How's your family?


Acknowledge the person’s feelings

Be aware of your own reactions

Ask open ended questions

Listen without judgement and show empathy

Don’t dismiss, encourage action

Reassure and offer hope.


Use open body language e.g. uncross arms.

Support healthy behaviours.

Be respectful and discreet.

Be supportive within the boundaries of your role.

Follow up. Don’t be shy to check-in with them.  

A simple conversation could save a life

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